Autumn flowering bulbs

Autumn flowering
Bulbs for sale
Planting time is now for flowering in 2020 Autumn
Flowering bulbs are in stock ready for purchasing

Colchicums also known as Naked Ladies or referred to as
Autumn Crocus. Plant 10-15cm deep and 20cm apart, in a sunny,
well drained position.
Crocus Sativus. The original ‘Saffron Crocus’. Long red stigmas
which are used for flavouring and colouring food. Plant 12-15cm
deep in full sun. Flowering time October. Height 4″ (10cm)
Crocus autumn flowering. various types in stock.
Nerines bulbs both hardy and tender varieties however these
may not flower the first year as they sulk after moving the bulbs.
Sternbergia lutea, sometimes referred to as Autumn daffodil.
Varieties sicula, clusiana or arctic sun available too.
Amarine bulbs varieties available and Amaryllis belladonna.
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