Due to high demand this season combined with supply chain delays and shortages of warehouse staff regrettably we are temporarily unable to accept new orders. We will review the situation on Monday 1st November and update our website as required.

Thank you for your understanding and normal service will resume as soon as we are able.

Please note that existing orders are unaffected, and we will dispatch these as a matter of priority.

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Albuca Allium Amarcrinum Amaryllis Anemone Anomatheca Arisaema Arisarum Arum Asarum Bellevalia Bulbocodium Calanthe Calochortus Camassia Chionodoxa Claytonia Colchicum Corydalis Crocus Crocus: Autumn Flowering Crocus: Dutch Large Flowering Crocus: Chrysanthus Varieties Crocus: Species and Hybrids Cyclamen Cypripedium Dactylorhiza Dicentra Dichelostemma Dodecatheon Dracunculus Endymion Eranthis Eremurus Erythronium Fritillaria Fritillaria: Imperialis Fritillaria: Species Galanthus Gladiolus Gymnadenia Hermodactylus Hippeastrum Hyacinth Hyacinth: Double Flowered Hyacinth: Dutch Hyacinth: Multiflora Hyacinth: Prepared Hyacinth: Roman Hyacinthoides Ipheion Iris Iris: Dutch Hybrids iris: reticulus iris: species and hybrids Ixia Ixiolirion Jeffersonia Lachenalia Leucocoryne Leucojum Lilium Mertensia Muscari Narcissi Narcissi: Division 1 Trumpet Narcissi Narcissi: Division 2 Large Cupped Narcissi Narcissi: Division 3 Small Cuped Narcissi Narcissi: Division 4 Double Narcissi Narcissi: Division 5 Triandrus Narcissi Narcissi: Division 6 Cyclamineus Narcissi Narcissi: Division 7 Jonquilla Narcissi Narcissi: Division 8 Tazetta Narcissi Narcissi: Division 9 Poeticus Narcissi Narcissi: Division 10 Species and Wild Forms of Narcissi Narcissi: Division 11 Split Corona Narcissi Narcissi: Division 12 Nectaroscordum Nerine Nomocharis Orchis Ornithogalum Oxalis Pancratium Paris Platanthera Podophyllum Polyxena Puschkinia Ranunculus Sanguinaria Scilla Selaginella Stemonesson Sternbergia Tecophilaea Trillium Triteleia Tropaeolum Tulip Tulip: Darwin Hybrids Tulip: Duc Van Tol Tulip: Double Early Tulip: Double Late Tulip: Fosteriana Tulip: Lily Flowered Tulip: Fringed Tulip: Gregii Tulip: Kaufmanniana Tulip: Multiflowering Tulip: Parrot Tulip: Rembrandt Tulip: Single Early Tulip: Single Late Tulip: Triumph Tulip: Viridiflora Tulipa Species & Hybrids Urginea Uvularia Veltheimia Zantedeschia

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