Jacques Amand International Triumphs with Two Gold Medals at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024

Jacques Amand International is thrilled to announce their exceptional achievement at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024, where they were awarded two prestigious Gold Medals. This momentous occasion marks the 36th and 37th Gold Medal for the company, celebrating decades of excellence and dedication to the art of gardening.

The two award-winning displays showcased the finest specimens from Jacques Amand International’s renowned collections. One display featured a stunning array of tender indoor plants such as Hippeastrums, Caladiums, Gloriosa’s and Scadoxis, showcasing the intricate beauty and vibrant colours that have become synonymous with the Jacques Amand name. The second display focused on hardy garden plants including the rare and unusual, an array of Alliums and Arisaemas, hardy orchids such as Calathes and Cypripediums demonstrating a wide range of delights for the garden.

Celebrating Excellence
The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is the pinnacle of the gardening calendar, attracting exhibitors and visitors from around the globe. Winning Gold Medals at such a prestigious event not only enhances Jacques Amand International’s reputation but also reinforces their position as leaders in the horticultural industry.
As they celebrate this historic achievement, Jacques Amand International extends their gratitude to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show judges, their loyal customers, and the wider gardening community for their continued support. The Nurseries is located on Clamp Hill, Stanmore and customers are welcome to visit to view a range of flower bulbs in stock.

In an unprecedented move, Jacques Amand International presented two distinct displays at this year’s show, and both were honoured with the highest accolade, underscoring the company’s commitment to horticultural perfection. This double triumph is a testament to the skill, passion, and innovative spirit that defines Jacques Amand International.

For nearly a century, Jacques Amand International has been a beacon of horticultural expertise, specialising in an extensive range of bulbs, corms, and tubers. This year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show was particularly significant as it was the first time the company showcased two separate displays, each meticulously designed to highlight the beauty and diversity of their botanical collections. Achieving Gold Medals for both displays is a rare and prestigious accomplishment, reflecting the unparalleled quality and creativity that visitors and judges have come to expect from Jacques Amand International.

Speaking about their remarkable success, John Amand, Managing Director at Jacques Amand International, said, “We are absolutely delighted and deeply honoured to receive two Gold Medals at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024. This achievement is a tribute to our dedicated team whose passion and hard work made this possible. Presenting two displays for the first time was a bold step, and to have both recognised at the highest level is incredibly rewarding.”

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